4.5 Litre Blower


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 The essential difference between the Bentley 4.5l and the Blower was the addition of a Roots-type supercharger to the Blower engine.

4.5l Bentley won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1928. 

Original Vehicle Specification (upon which this was built) :

  • Chassis No.: MS3931
  • Engine No.: MS3931, 1993/95 new engine SM 3905
  • Registration No.: FS1179
  • Date: May 1931
  • Type of Body: Saloon (W)
  • Coachbuilder: Gurney Nutting, later fitted with a Le Mans replica body by H&H
  • First Owner: James F. Bryson



  • Scale: 1:5
  • Number of parts: 7300
  • Weight: 21kg /46.3lb
  • Length: 950mm / 37.4in
  • Hight: 300mm / 11.8in
  • Width: 340mm / 13.4in
  • Body color: Dark green
  • Materials: Genuine leather, wood, stainless steel, brass, copper, alluminium, glass


 Short Description 

  • adjustable ignition (advance / retard)and choke from steering wheel
  • movable gearshift
  • movable hand brake lever(with a functional adjuster), brake pedal and clutch
  • openable / removable  hood
  • openable radiator cap
  • openable fuel tank cap
  • movable windscreen
  • openable doors with true-to-life handles / catches
  • removable seats and floor
  • removable wheels/ central lock spinner (removable with a true-to-life tool)
  • functional jack


  • openable covers on the front lamps
  • operable brake system, handbrake


Bentley 4,5 Blower   Bentley 4,5 Blower - Austin Healey NOJ 393


Bentley Boat Tail   Bentley 4,5 Blower 

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