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It all started about 40 years ago in a small basement in Germany.  As a student who could not afford to have an own real old-timer, he started to make models of his favorite cars in order to feed his passion.

But somehow  it was not enough. Searching for details and precision he decided to make a jump in the unknown, and make something that no one else in the world of modeling has ever done - models in a scale 1:5.

The resulting work transforms standard old timer icons into a uniquely expressive form. The most important characteristics of his art - the perfection, delivered the legend of the car model industry. Until today dr. Jelesijevic has been perfecting his work. With an interest in classic cars, an eye for detail, and a love of creating things with his hands,  he started making his own collection.

What makes his process and approach different from that of other car model makers is an ultimate dedication to the finest details. He does not make only models, he communicates with them throughout the entire production process. Even today, his work is far away from mass production. It is literally a work in an art studio. Each "Mischko Model" is an absolute pure handicraft and represents a functional artistic sculpture.

From the very beginning masterpieces from Mischko Models work shop have caught the attention of the most prominent collectors worldwide. Mischko Models cannot be found in shops. The story of them goes from mouth to mouth.

His car models makes every car collector's heart full of joy. He sees himself as a "manufacturer of real cars, but in scale". It is the subject of dr. Jelesijevic's work. And his art realizes that goal.

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Dr. Miodrag Jelesijevic

Mischko Models GmbH
Linckensstrasse 131
48165 Münster


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